i actually believe that I AM THE CHIN KING.or a worm or a stack of pancakes with a face

wow am i a hottie or what

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John Berchtold was the Grand Prize Winner of the Pernicious vocabulary video contest. Check out his behind-the-scenes video and learn more about his journey as a young filmmaker! 

1. It says on your profile that you’re an actor/filmmaker/YouTuber/performer — wanna share the secret of how you keep up so many things in your life? When did you get started?

I realized at a very young age that I absolutely love to entertain. I never limited myself to a specific medium of entertainment, either. Whether I was up on a stage, in front of a camera, performing for a crowd, or behind a camera, I got an adrenaline rush entertaining those who were willing to watch. I currently am a film major in college while auditioning for acting gigs and making YouTube videos on the side. I guess I stay sane by remember why I do it and realize how much passion I have for entertaining, along with the thrill I get from the reaction of others — it truly is a humbling feeling. 

2. What’s your favorite subject in school, and how does it influence your work?

Growing up in school, my favorite classes were always the ones where I could let my creativity out. I was fortunate enough to go to a high school where drama class and multiple film classes were offered. Now, a film major in college, I find film classes such as cinematography and film editing extremely exciting. 

3. Where do you see filmmaking taking you?

Ideally, I hope to continue with my love for filmmaking while pursuing acting simultaneously. I’d love to succeed to the best of my ability within the industry and use my knowledge and love for filmmaking and acting to create and inspire (and hopefully make the next great horror flick!). 

4. Any word of advice for our aspiring creators?

My advice to aspiring creators is to really put you and your work out there and to push forward with your passion. Use failure as a launching pad to succeed, keep on doing what you love and don’t ever let giving up be an option. 

View John’s winning video

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when boys bite their lip…
did i do this right

when boys bite their lip…

did i do this right




toucans freak me out cus thats like THERI WHOEL MOUTH


without it its just



there will come a day when i will stop reblogging this, but today is not the day.

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just cut my mouth on a nacho and i think this has been a good lesson to not get too attached to the things you love :’( </3

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my soul mate is most likely a grilled cheese

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this line from harry potter is stuck in my head every time i wake up

i&#8217;m sorry you were saying????

i’m sorry you were saying????

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do u ever just look at your hand

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me dad’s a muggle

                                                                 mam’s a witch


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